Welcome to Wettenhalls: Bega Foods, Loscam and Kraft Heinz!

Wettenhalls is pleased to have recently entered into new relationships with several blue chip customers: Bega Foods, Loscam and Kraft Heinz.

Wettenhalls will be transporting all of Bega Foods (a Division of Bega Cheese Limited) ambient finished goods out of the company's newly acquired Port Melbourne factory, including prominent brands such as Vegemite and Peanut Butter.

The factory was recently acquired as part of the Bega Foods acquisition of the Australian and New Zealand grocery and cheese business from Mondelez.

Nick Frith, the newly appointed Customer Service and Logistics Manager stated "The team at Wettenhalls were instrumental to the success of the migration, and have continued to successfully support the business through the transition and into business as usual.”

"Bega Foods, a division of Bega Cheese Limited, acknowledges the ease to do business with Wettenhalls and recognises the innovation and experience they bring."

As a result of the acquisition, Bega were required to relocate 5000+ pallets across multiple sites, consisting of 160 different stock units, within a pressing 10 days.

Nick said, "Wettenhalls exceeded all expectations, ensuring their drivers were pre-inducted to the sites and arriving on time, delivered with a ‘can do’ attitude.

"Due to changing demand patterns, the original plan was altered on a daily basis. This involved after hours calls and early morning pick-ups; Wettenhalls flexed and reacted as required."

Wettenhalls continues its work with all stakeholders, including Bega’s new external warehouse provider, to implement the new supply chain solution.

In more good news, the Wettenhalls team are delighted to be working with Loscam, who manages over 18 million pallet movements each year for a variety of leading retail, food, beverage and grocery manufacturers in Australia.

Wettenhalls have been engaged to undertake all of Loscam’s internal pallet transport requirements from both the Truganina and Hampton Park depots in Melbourne.

As part of our services, we are currently commissioning several high productivity trailer options, including 28 pallet open top trailers. This will achieve a 14% productivity gain as compared to the previous 24 pallet trailers, and will continue to bolster Wettenhalls high productivity vehicle fleet operating under the National Performance Based Standards Scheme.

John Goodlet, Loscam's Victorian State Operations Manager, spoke highly of the partnership with Wettenhalls.

"Loscam Victoria is delighted to embark on our new relationship with Wettenhalls, and look forward to the potential realised for Loscam’s customers.

"We're leveraging the latest equipment, process and technology, identical to Wettenhalls'. 2017-2018 will see Loscam introduce a more holistic and thorough transport service offering to our transport clients with the support of the Wettenhalls team," said John.

Rounding out our list of new clients sees Wettenhalls wharf services division engaged to transport all of Kraft Heinz’s import and export containers into and out of their Melbourne distribution centre.

Popular products such as Heinz Spaghetti, Baked Beans and Tomato Soup are unpacked and transported all across Australia from the distribution centre. Projected volumes are expected to reach over 5000 twenty-foot equivalent container units per annum.

Part of our work includes the commissioning of a full electronic data interchange solution, fully integrated into Wettenhalls newly implemented CMS Freight2020 Transport Management System.

This will ensure seamless communication with the customs broker, as well as efficient empty container management. When available for de-hire or pick-up, the status of each container will be updated in the Wettenhalls online portal by Heinz’s external warehouse provider.

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