Our Fleet

We are currently replacing approximately twenty percent of our existing fleet per annum. This ensures we are keeping at the forefront of new technology which continues to improve overall Safety and reduces our Environmental footprint.

Such technology on our newest prime mover fleet includes:

  • “Euro 6” rated engines using Selective Catalytic Reduction for reduced emissions
  • Active Emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control, monitors distance to vehicle in front
  • Forward collision warning, which alerts a driver know of impending collision
  • Vehicle stability control, anti-roll over prevention
  • Axle load monitoring front and rear, informs driver of axle weights
  • Lane departure warning system, alerts driver to drifting from lane
  • SRS Drivers and side curtain airbags
  • Disk Brakes with EBS / ABS
  • ASR Acceleration slip control, traction control for wet or slippery conditions
  • Hill start aid, prevents truck rolling backwards
  • All equipped with Guardian Seeing Machines and MT Data Telemetry
  • Side under-run protection on trailers
  • Front under-run on Prime movers
  • Wabco Tail Guard
  • Reverse warning beepers
  • Compliant to current Australian Design Rules & Safety Standards

We monitor our fleet using GPS technology in MTData, which provides insights into fuel consumption, speed, time on road and fatigue management reporting.

Please contact us for more information