The purpose of innovation at Wettenhalls is to create business value, this value itself can take many different forms, including:

  • Incremental improvements to existing products, and
  • Breakthroughs such as new products and services, cost reductions, and efficiency improvements,

Our innovation agenda is to continue to invest in original ideas and concepts to deliver value to our customers.

The process used to innovate is to discover, create and develop ideas, to refine them into useful forms and to use them to increase efficiency and/or reduce costs. As a part of this process we engage with our customers to define their required outcomes to ensure success

    High Productivity Solutions

    Customer Problem. Our customer had a number of regional runs that could not be serviced with current fleet as it lacked the necessary capacity and moving to a B Double trailer set would result in lower utilisation. The Wettenhalls Solution. Design a new trailer, now known as the “Supa Mezz”. Working with our engineering partner Pumpa Manufacturing of Swan Hill, we designed a new trailer that had the required capacity and remained within PBS guidelines. With a new XF DAF and the Supa Mezz running under the Intelligent Access Program, Wettenhalls were able to provide a new capability to the market that met our customer’s cost and productivity needs. The current combination runs daily between Burleigh Heads bakery up to Rockhampton with a driver change over in Bundaberg. Pictured is driver Phil Embrey and CEO Mike Lean. Mike did the run up to Bundaberg and return with Phil over two days. Another Wettenhalls Innovation success story with more trailers ordered and delivered.

    Safety Technology

    Fatigue is one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents in Australia. How do you quantify what this risk is when you have no objective data on the instances of fatigue in your business? Our solution was to implement the Seeing Machines Guardian system. A revolutionary product designed in Australia to make the roads safer for all drivers. As an early adopter of the technology (commencing the installation in our fleet in 2016) view the Wettenhalls case study by Seeing Machines

    The statistics speak for themselves; over a 12 month period in 2018 / 2019 we reduced distraction events by 75% and fatigue events by 41.6% while at the same time increasing our fleet by 15%.

    Wettenhalls, proudly supporting an innovative Australian company making our employees and the roads safer for all who use them.

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