Wettenhalls is also actively advancing the cause of the logistics industry in Australia. We have an absolute commitment to improving safety in the industry and we have implemented a number of world-leading technologies to achieve this aim.

In 2017 our CEO was invited by the State Government to play a central role in developing the State’s Freight Plan. Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of Wettenhalls, Mike Lean, the Ministerial Freight Reference Group was convened as an advisory body of 21 members to develop the new freight plan for Victoria.  Comprised of representatives from a range of businesses and industry associations engaged in the freight and logistics sector, its role was to assist the Government to identify current and emerging trends, issues, barriers and innovations affecting the performance of the freight and logistics sector. The Group met with the Minister for Public Transport and the Minister for Roads and Road Safety and Minister for Ports to discuss the freight plan through 2017.  The Victorian Freight Plan is available here Delivering the Goods

In October our CEO was elected as the President of the Victorian Transport Association after having served on the Executive Council for a number of years.  The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) is one of the oldest transport industry advocates in Australia, having originated in Victoria in 1902 as the Master Carriers Association.  The VTA now represents over 800 employers and businesses that supply transport, logistics and freight related services within Victoria and Australia, with a large and fully representative membership of the transport and logistics industry across road, rail and sea. Victorian Transport Association

We are actively engaged in a number of other industry associations and we continue to be a leading advocate for the logistics industry