Going Global at the Mid America Truck Show

Recently our CEO, Mike Lean, embarked on a two week expedition to the USA to attend the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The trip also included visits to several USA-based transport operators.

The overall experience enabled Wettenhalls to gain insights into the latest in transport safety techniques, including application of technology, training, policies and processes.

Ongoing innovation in technology also provides the basis for improved efficiency, and Mike absorbed current best practice for operating a logistics business in order to determine practical applications to Wettenhalls.

Other highlights of the trip included:

- Meeting with several Driving Simulator Manufacturers
- Meeting with several US Transport Companies to explore their approach to driver training and general workforce management

Mike said, "The visit was very valuable and gave us a good appreciation of the opportunities and challenges that US transport companies are facing.

"As a result of the trip, Wettenhalls is now well progressed with a business case to purchase a Driving Simulator in the next 12 months and enhance its existing extensive Driver Training Program," Mike said.

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