Safety and the Environment

Safety at Wettenhalls

Safer People

The Wettenhalls safety journey is all about our people.  As a result we continue to invest in and empower our people to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others.

Our people are all trained for the tasks they are performing.  From inductions on day one to specialised competency based training to operate the specialised equipment in our fleets and to meet our customer specific requirements.

Wettenhalls is committed to consulting with employees in regard to all aspects of creating the safest workplace possible.  This includes the development and implementation of cutting edge safety technologies.

Safer Technology

Wettenhalls continues to invest in safer technologies designed to keep our people safe.  Examples of this include:

Safer Fleet

Our significant fleet re-investment is paying dividends for our drivers, customers and the environment.  Five years ago we embarked on a fleet renewal program.  Key to this was a Company objective to “Improve the driver safety environment.”  Flowing from that commitment was a determination that safety technology offering was the number one priority in the purchasing decision for new vehicles.  Our latest vehicles include safety features such as:

  • “Euro 6” rated engines using Selective Catalytic Reduction for reduced emissions
  • Active Emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control, monitors distance to vehicle in front
  • Forward collision warning, which alerts a driver know of impending collision
  • Vehicle stability control, anti-roll over prevention
  • Axle load monitoring front and rear, informs driver of axle weights
  • Lane departure warning system, alerts driver to drifting from lane
  • SRS Drivers and side curtain airbags
  • Disk Brakes with EBS / ABS
  • ASR Acceleration slip control, traction control for wet or slippery conditions
  • Hill start aid, prevents truck rolling backwards
  • All equipped with Guardian Seeing Machines and MT Data Telemetry
  • Side under-run protection on trailers
  • Front under-run on Prime movers
  • Wabco Tail Guard
  • Reverse warning beepers
  • Compliant to current Australian Design Rules & Safety Standards

Guardian Seeing Machines

The Seeing Machines Guardian™ Driver Safety System s a real-time, in-cabin fatigue monitoring and intervention system and provides a turnkey solution for comprehensive Fatigue Management. Mobile device use and micro sleeps are two of the most common unsafe behaviours that impair a driver’s ability to react in time to potential road hazards.  Sensors monitor our drivers facial features for early indicators of fatigue and, if detected, the system then warns the driver to pull over for a rest break via either an audible alarm or seat vibration. This system empowers Wettenhalls to keep our drivers on the road by reducing the number of incidents caused by driver fatigue and distraction. This initiative has significantly mitigated the risk of accidents and has improved driver safety. Case Study

MT Data

Each of our trucks has a dash mounted tablet that keeps the driver informed (via GPS) of speed limits and has the ability to report on road delays as well as pre-programmed warnings of dangerous curves or accident hot spots.

The MT Data system also:

  • Provides drivers with audible and visual alerts
  • Supports fatigue management,
  • Integrates with the Guardian Seeing-Machines system
  • Allows two way messaging, (without the driver needing to use a phone)

The Environment

We are focused on utilising technology to assist us in this and we are reducing our emissions by replacing prime movers that don’t comply to Euro 5 or 6 emissions standards.

We have a number of initiatives underway to manage and improve waste minimisation, reduce CO2 and other pollution and where possible we recycle products. This includes the natural resources and raw materials that we use as well as generated wastes and emissions.

Our owned depots have all had their internal lighting replaced with LED lights thus significantly reducing our carbon footprint.  Our new facility in Altona has had a rooftop solar installation completed to power the lighting.

Our new state of the art WashTec truck wash in Altona ensures that our fleet are on the road in a clean state and the facility uses 80% recycled water.