Community Giving Program

This year we have embarked on our community giving program. Our vision for this program is to provide equal opportunity and access to quality education for young Australians living in the communities in which we operate and where our employees live.

We have identified that school aged kids in both Colac and Norlane are some of those in greatest need. Colac South West Primary School is a school close to our hearts, as many employees either attended that school as children or have family members that attend the school now.

It has been a great pleasure meeting with the principal to discuss ways in which we can support the school. To kick off the program Wettenhalls teamed up with loyal customer Bulla Dairy. We were thrilled to provide the children icy poles for their school sports day.

We were also able to provide the school netball team with their first ever netball uniforms, something that they had needed for many years. The girls were absolutely thrilled. It’s great to see that our support is going to something the kids greatly appreciated.

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